Project Profile
Subarna Bhoomi. At Gorakshabashi Road, Nagerbazar.
A residential project being constructed by an assisted sector company with W.B.Housing Board in the name Bengal D.C.Paul Housing Ltd.This Project comprises of HIG flats 160 nos. with 6 blocks, MIG flats 76 nos with 2 blocks and LIG flats 88 nos. with 2 blocks.

For decades, D.C.Paul & Sons has been a prominent architect with an extensive track record of having designed twenty six thousand buildings and constructed 77 lakh sq.ft of visible properties in Salt Lake, DumDum, parts of North and South Kolkata as well as in other parts of India.

D.C.Paul Home have attracted considerable goodwill for their spacious design. prudent segregation of facilities, solid construction, timely delivery and self-enforced penalty clauses that have protected the interests of its home-owing customers.

As a result, Subarna Bhoomi promises to be a pride enhancing acquisition for individuals in North Kolkata.
A pride Enhancing Address
A Stately, imposing and unique towering building, G+4 for HIG, MIG and LIG. It may be G+6 in future.
A beautifully decorated entrance foyer.
An address that will immeasurably enhance the pride of being a homeowner.
Designed by renowned architects - D.C .Paul and Sons.

It is just 10 to 15 minutes drive from Nager Bazar to the heart of city, Kolkata.Rajarhat and Salt lake township are not far away from Nagerbazar.
36, Gorakshabashi Road, Nager Bazar, Kolkata - 700 028
Total Land Area : 3.3 acres
Open Area : 60% (approx)
Building : G + 4, 9 blocks
Apartment Types : HIG, MIG & LIG
Apartment size : 413 sq. ft. to 1310 sq. ft.